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Do you know about the career? Are you aware of the different career needs and benefits? Are you also searching for a good career option? If so, let’s discuss what is career actually? A career is a kind of decision which will either make your life or destroy your life. It includes all the roles and duties which you undertake throughout your life whether it is about education, training, paid & unpaid work, family, volunteer work, your leisure activities, and much more. All these things are included in a career which will remain active in your entire life in different forms. Career is basically associated with a paid kind of employment and highly referred to as a single occupation. In today’s age, the term ‘career’ has been observed as a continuous process of learning and development. All the activities which contribute to a career can include:

  • training
  • education
  • employment
  • work experience
  • community activities
  • enterprise activities
  • employment
  • different life roles
  • volunteer work
  • leisure activities

Constantly changing the world of work:

As we all know that the information technology has been developed to a far extent along with all the communication technologies and which has increased the globalization and a higher competition level. All these aspects have contributed to a dramatic change in the working life of people having an impact on your career as well. The major concept of a ‘job’ for life has no longer remained an activity. The youngsters in today’s age are generally so much confused and can’t decide about their career at once and this is the reason due to which they are likely to experience 5-8 major career changes in their lives in a huge variety of industry sectors.

What does the word “Career” mean? 

There are numerous people and they all have different thinking criterion, Career is just like an important part of the life for many people and while some other people consider this term ‘Career’ as just an enjoyment mode. If we target this term according to the business point of view, it is the sum total of all the different jobs you may hold during your lifetime. Thinking about or making any decision about your job and college is also an activity which is being included in the term ‘Career’. It is basically a sum total of all your educational, social, economic, political, and spiritual activities which reflect your personal characteristics and the basic life values.


What is career decision making?

Decision making is an important part of life as we all take numerous decisions in our lives whether they are good or bad. You can define the term ‘decision’ as an act of choosing. Your decision may be a response of any of your questions, concerns, or problems. An appropriate career decision is highly or broadly concerned with understanding your basic life values. A career decision must be made with a proper focus and a great care as this can influence your upcoming life and personal satisfaction as well. Numerous people are there who are increasingly looking for a proper work/life balance in their lives. They just want to maintain a balance between the hours they spend in the paid activities and the time they have devoted to other roles in their lives whether it is some leisure activities or some others. Our lives have been classified with various adaptable, dynamic, innovative, flexible, resilient, self-initiating and collaborative kinds of atmospheres and thus we all need to be proactive for our life/career in which we are always get engaged to learn throughout our life. You need to be very careful while choosing your career.

Career Choices:

Making the best one career choice is a very important activity in everyone’s life and this activity includes:

  • Knowing yourself – if you don’t know about your own then you can never make a good choice for your career, if you will find out the good in you (your skills &abilities) then you can make a better and effective decision for your career.
  • Getting to understand the world of work – You have to understand the criterion and view of the world as well by going out and observing
  • You should learn more about making the effective decisions
  • You should be very clear about your goal to be achieved in your life so that you can effectively make a better decision in order to achieve the same.

Is career development different for an older adult than for a younger person? 

Career choices may be varied for an older adult and for a younger person. As different people have different choices and preferences and thus there may be a difference in the career making of an older adult and a younger person. People may have different career strategies which affect their career-making, decision-making, occupational awareness, and other implementations. Whatever the age and situation are you must be very careful about your career decision as it will impact your whole life.

What is career success?

What do you mean by career success? Are you aware of the term, ‘Career Success’? If you really had a good career choice then you will definitely get a success in your career. A career success is measured by the financial and material accumulation. A real career success can be obtained on via helping others or making a worthy contribution to the society.

Career success can be obtained when you will achieve your inner satisfaction through the continuing realization of the following:

  • It includes your deepest and cherished life values in every major endeavor.
  • Your opportunities and inspirations to use and develop the current and desired skills.
  • Your excitement about your past, current, and future achievements.

Thus, at all, career-making is very much important in everyone’s life whether you are making a good decision or not it will be displayed in front of you in your upcoming future.

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